Inc. VAT @ 20% RRP: £40.99

       County 180cm (71") Cream wooden pole comes as a complete set with matching finials and rings.

       The support features a screw-in backplate for added strength.

  • Diameter: 28mm
  • Complete fixed pole set
  • Ball finials included
  • Fixed length poles can be cut down to size
  • Sizes available: 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 240cm, 300cm, 400cm
  • Pole in 2 pieces over 180cm
  • All sizes approx
  • Packs contents: Pole, finials, supports & rings
  • Supports included: 120cm/2, 150cm/2, 180cm/2, 240cm/3, 300cm/3, 400cm/3
  • Rings included: 120cm/12, 150cm/16, 180cm/18, 240cm/24, 300cm/30, 400cm/40

Suitable for light to medium weight curtains