How to fit a curtain pole


Our Step By Step Guide To Hanging A Curtain Pole Step 1. How high do you want the pole to be? The first step is to make sure we hang the pole at the correct height to make sure our curtains hang at the right size. Whilst some of our customers hang the curtains full length, some hang the curtains to hang just past the window sill.

How to Effectively Re-Whiten Your Net Curtains


It’s spring cleaning season once again, which means that thousands of households up and down the country will be turning their attention to their net curtains. There’s nothing quite like the bright and beautiful sunshine of the spring and summer to make it clear just how badly in need of TLC your window dressings are. They may have looked nice and white a few months ago – the same not perhaps being said for right now.

Measuring for New Curtains – Your Essential Guide


Contrary to popular belief, measuring for new curtains is actually a relatively simple job. Nevertheless, it remains surprisingly common for buyers to go home and summarily find themselves stuck with curtains that are entirely the wrong size. Whether out to pick up a standard curtain size or made to measure curtains, the process remains exactly the same. Simply follow these very basic instructions and chances are you will find it difficult to go wrong:

The History of Curtains


At Gerrys At Home we provide a broad range of ready made net curtains, custom made curtains, as well as voile panels, poles, cushions and blinds. Being in the business since 1952, we have the expertise and knowledge in curtains that enable us to provide top services to our customers. From different styles, fabrics and manufacturing methods to extra features of linings and tie backs, we know everything inside out and of course on how it all started from the very beginning.

How to Dress a Bay Window


Whether you are looking to redecorate your living space or moving into a new home, you will find that an important aspect is how to decorate a bay window. There are many options you can choose, from net curtains, blinds, or even voile panels. Whichever decor you go for will dramatically change the look and atmosphere of a room, so we’ve come up with some great ideas to help you revamp your bay window.

Curtain Ideas for French doors


French doors are a great asset in any home. They add an architectural character that can easily enhance your whole room. When thinking of ideas for coverings a French door, always think of it as if though you are decorating a window instead of a door.

Design Ideas for Net Curtains & Voile Panels


Net curtains are an underrated element of interior design. Perhaps they were once overused in the wrong way, and too many people associate them with old fashioned fussiness. If that’s the case, then the opposite is true now, and they’re often forgotten in modern room designs. We think this needs to change, since net curtains can add a whole new feel to a room, controlling natural light to create an atmosphere of your choice, and complementing almost any style!

The History of Gerry’s At Home - Part 1


Gerry’s At Home has always been a family-run business and remains so to this day. We’re proud of this fact, as it reflects our simple mission of providing custom made-to-measure curtains, blinds and net curtains at cheap prices without compromising on quality.

The History of Gerry's At Home - Part 2


In our last blog entry we looked at the fascinating story of our founder, Gerry Power, as told by his own personal notes. Here we pick up where we left off to find out more about how Gerry’s at Home grew and developed to gradually become what it is today.

Christmas Cushions & More Festive Tips


We know from our decades of experience in the trade that every detail matters when you’re designing and decorating your home

Amazing Alternatives To Old-Fashioned Net Curtains


Since we’ve been in the business of selling curtains for many decades now, we know that some styles never really go out of fashion. There’s still a large demand for traditional net curtains, which tend to be white in colour and feature all-over patterns.

How To Choose Your Curtain Style


Gerry’s At Home has been supplying custom, made-to-measure curtains for decades, as well as ready-made curtains, nets, blinds, cushions and more. Over this long period, we’ve seen many fashion trends come and go, but when it comes to curtains there are a few basic factors you can consider to help narrow down your choice. Here are a few of our most popular categories to give you some inspiration.

The Ultimate Net Curtain Cleaning Guide


Net curtains serve two main purposes in most situations. For one thing, they help to control the light that comes into your room, usually creating a softer and more attractive look, with less harsh light and shadows. Their other function is to add a little extra style to your room and complement the rest of your décor.